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We're Grateful for Dads

We're Grateful for Dads

Remember the days when the father went to work, came home and sat in his
recliner to read the newspaper and have a smoke, and then maybe spent 30-
60 minutes with the kids? All while the wife cooked, cleaned, and carted the
 kids to schools and appointments? Oh, how times have changed. Now dads 
can be the stay-at-home parent. Maybe they’re no longer the breadwinner of
 the family. Maybe they work a full-time job AND find ways to be a present, 
supporting parent. 

At Letterpress PLAY, we love dads. In fact, we carry a number of cards and
 gifts specifically designed for father figures and Father’s Day. Each of the 
dad-centric greeting cards we sell are handmade by independent makers, 
and we offer a number of gifts all created by small businesses. Here are 
some of our favorite dad-riffic picks.

Dad Tag Letterpress Card


We know Father’s Day can be tough for many. If you are one of these
 individuals, please know that we understand. Our hearts are with you.
 And to all the dads out there—we salute you.