Beaded Bracelet – Peach Moonstone

How fun are these sparkly Peach Moonstone bracelets!? Strung together with a loving energy that supports the heart and stimulates the mind. Allowing one to see the positive in all situations, Peach Moonstone helps to sooth worry or anxiety allowing the user to celebrate the positive experiences of life. Not only does Peach Moonstone encourage gratitude and contentment, it also heals and soothes the emotional body which can enhance sensuality and sexual confidence. ____________________________________________________________________ Measuring approximately 7" or 8" around, these bracelet are strung on stretch elastic so will fit most wrist sizes. Looks amazing with multiples stacked together. Each one is slightly different from the next, with variations on designs and placement of metal accents. Every bracelet is adorned with an "Often Wander" charm. Handmade in San Diego, CA.