2023 Weekly Lunar Planner

The 2023 Oracle Lunar Planner is a spellbinding planner incorporating a moon planner with rituals and tarot spreads to make 2023 a most magical year ever. NOTE THIS PLANNER IS STILL IN PRODUCTION. View video for interior look. Details: 200 Pages, Spiral Bound, 100lb cover and back, 70lb interior text paper The planner includes: Everything from the calendar (months and guide) An expanded guide that includes rituals for the solstices, equinoxes, and new/waxing and full/waning moons. There will also be tarot spreads that you can use as examples. Each month will have a coloring page and a mood tracker. Each week will have a productivity checklist that you will use in conjunction with doing a tarot/oracle reading. It will help build your practice while guiding you on your tasks for the week! Planners are shrink wrapped.