2024 Desk Calendar - West Coast Foraging

Our 2024 letterpress printed calendar draws its inspiration from the vibrant life of the Pacific Northwest. The abundance of nature in this region serves not only as an invaluable asset to our ecosystem, but also as a wellspring of inspiration and endless beauty. Each month showcases a curated selection of forageable species: 1. Berries 2. Insects 3. Molluscs 4. Crustaceans 5. Fish 6. Flowers 7. Foliage 8. Intertidal 9. Mushrooms 10. Pickled and Canning 11. Seaweed 12. Herbals Each calendar is meticulously designed and printed on high-quality FSC-certified and recycled cardstock using plant-based inks. These pages also include a fun fact about each grouping. But wait, there's more! What makes this calendar a two-in-one delight is on the back of each month's art print, you'll find a printed postcard that's conveniently perforated for easy removal, and ready to be sent in the mail. It's a wonderful way to send a monthly greeting to a friend or loved one. Dimensions: 6" x 7"