Utilitario Mexicano

Notebook - Blue




Material: Color cardboard cover.

Paper: 90 g. White Ahuesado bond paper. 80 pag. Size: 10.5" x 14.8" cm.

Made in Mexico by Laika Notebooks.

Laika Notebooks is Mexican social enterprise born with the intention of offering low cost innovation through sustainable production and distribution practices. Through continuous research and training, they continue to elevate their own standard of minimal environmental impact for all their products. As young folks who have become frustrated with the throw-away economy, where high quality products are often unattainable and cheaper options are made poorly, they want to bring their environmentally conscious standards and clean design to a broader market base.

Astrobright Neenah cardboard: FSC, Recycled and Green Seal certified cardboards and papers with vibrant and solid colors. The paper is made with at least 30% recycled fiber and is sourced from well-maintained forests.

Ahuesado Bond Paper: FSC certification that guarantees products come from well-managed forests.