Petit Pan

Baby Ball - Blue


The perfect soft toy for children of all ages!

Quilted with "Oil Cloth". Oil Cloth is a tightly woven cotton fabric which is treated on one side to give it a soft, child safe and waterproof finish. 

Diameter: 6.3"

Petit Pan is a unique lifestyle brand that magically awakens the color of life. Catering for the children and the home with signature colorful prints. Each collection is a journey in a wondering dreamlike world. It is the fruit of a partnership between Chinese kite designer Pan Gang and Belgian artist Myriam De Loor who created a unique brand essence based on their love of crafts, colors and family.

Based in Paris, since 2002, they have been inventing a world bubbling with color. Their creativity applies to all everyday objects: quilts, coated cotton, fairy tale lanterns, essential bags, cement tiles, notebooks, etc.