Jacques Herbin Supple Sealing Wax - Navy Blue

Richly colored, this Supple Sealing Wax from J. Herbin lends a regal elegance to your correspondence. This wax doesn't crack, chip, or break, making it an excellent option for letters and invitations (although we highly recommend having them hand cancelled at the post office, rather than leaving them to the vicissitudes of postal machinery). Each stick of wax in this four-pack produces 15-20 seals, and retains a sharp, crisp impression when used with J. Herbin Brass Seals (sold separately). As it can be cut, this wax is often used on bottles as well.
  • Adds an elegant old-world touch
  • 4 Sticks Per Pack
  • Does not crack or chip
  • Use with brass seals
  • Have post office hand cancel
  • Ideal for mailing
Made In - France