Mini Gold Binder Clips - Set of 40


Women Owned - Eco-Friendly

These small fashion Gold Mini Binder Clips by U Brands® are a fun way to keep your files and documents organized in your home office, classroom or workplace. Perfect to fasten your projects, presentations and reports securely. These mini gold binder clips are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your workspace. 40 Ct.

Clips can be reused with the ability to bend back into shape after each use making it a great addition to use over and over in your office or workspace. Packaging makes for a convenient way to keep clips stored and neatly kept in your workspace. When it comes to personalization, this is your hard-to-find, unique touch of style that defines you among your peers. The U Brands line connects you with the latest patterns, colors and designs. Suddenly, the everyday boring binder clip becomes a modern and fun desk tool.