Britney Pompadour - Broderie - Embroidery kit

Refill Easy Embroidery - Csil Tree Man


The refill easy embroidery kit allows you to easily embroider the proposed pattern on the media you want: t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other fabric accessories. The kit's sticker pattern is also water-soluble. Included threads are necessary to achieve your finished work. To make your easy embroidery, you will also need an embroidery hoop and a needle.

Britney Pompadour, as you'll see, is a mix of pop and tradition from France. She offers you easy embroidery kits for beginners as well as embroidery designs. With her sticky patterns, you can easily customize your shirts, t-shirts or fabric accessories. Each design is unique, and each component of the kit has been carefully selected for its qualities and materialsAlso, she creates patterns designed by illustrators and artists whose work she admires.