Marika Paz Illustration

Scout Sticker - Pack of 3


Have your own adventure with these Scout Sticker Packs! Each sticker pack comes with one Chipmunk Girl Scout, Raccoon Boy Scout, and Badger Cub Scout, ready for all your sticker needs!

Vinyl and Waterproof.

Marika Paz is a self taught artist and illustrator. Her art explores the relationships of animals, humans, and nature. Influenced by folk stories and mysticism, her work is dreamy and imaginative creating a world of magic, wonder, and possibilities. Marika creates intricate drawings of flora and fauna using watercolor, gouache, pencil, and ink. Her work can be seen nationally at galleries, stores, and publications.

After wandering from California, North Carolina, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Scotland, she has now docked in Portland, Or. She spends her days drawing and painting in her little blue house where she lives with her Husband Patrick, Odin Wolfe the boy, and Scout the dog.