Seeing Stars Kaleidoscope Kit

One of our favorite DIY toys, make your own Kaleidoscope! Make it yours, favorite colors, items, and memories. Great for the stocking and birthdays!
  • EASY TO CREATE - This is easy to create. Have fun putting this together with your child, your child's friends, or any family members.
  • HIGHLY INTERACTIVE - Let your artistic gift flow by decorating it yourself. You get to choose from two types of included decorative papers that you stick yourself or substitute with your chosen design since the tube comes undecorated.
  • PERFECT GIFT - Perfect gift to give for all occasions. It comes with a holder box and is an ideal gift for curious children, critical thinkers, and creative.
  • THICK AND STURDY - It is made of stiff cardboard with plastic pieces and paper glued. Not only that, it is fun to build, and playing this together with friends and loved ones promotes collaboration and teamwork.
  • BRAIN TOOL - This educational kit boosts your children's cognitive development. It helps them be thinkers and problem solvers and understand things surrounding them.