Printerette Press

Small Black and White Notepad


Letterpress Printed - Women Owned - Handmade - Eco-Friendly

Slip in your bag for easy notes on the go! + 4.25" x 5.5" + 100 Sheets for ample list making + Every page is printed! + Chipboard backing + Glue edge at top for easy tear away

An award-winning creative director and designer, Mary Deelsnyder is the new creative force and owner of Printerette Press. A veteran of the retail industry, Mary has designed for some of the world’s most beloved brands, and has always dreamt of designing her own line of products.

Nearly everything they print uses the time-honored art of letterpress printing, it’s a very hands on process. Letterpress printing requires individual plates for each color. They set them on the machine and tweak the position until its just right.  Your finished piece has been run through the press one time for each color. The inks are hand mixed to match custom colors before the paper is run through the press. After printing, they individually cut each piece to size.