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The Writer Set

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For the writer in your life, our Journaler Set features a striking Igloo Handmade Hard Cover Journal in evening red; a handy Standard Issue Multi-Tool Pen in gold that includes a level, ruler, screwdriver, and stylus; and a vintage-inspired 50-year calendar from Authentic Models. Also included in this set is a letter pressed card by Letterpress PLAY for you to write a loving message to your dad, pop, daddy-o, gramps, uncle, brother, partner, or friend. (Gift set discounted 10%)

The Igloo Letterpress Handmade hardcover journal in Evening Red is an ideal accessory for those born to stand out. The vibrant cloth-covered hardcover journal, complete with 100 blank pages and is a perfect tool to help analyze where you are and where you want to go next.

Size: 6"W X 8.75"H

Journal in the morning, home repair in the afternoon. One tool to do it all! The standard Issue Multi-Tool Pen. Put it in Your pocket and get to work! Mini Level, four rulers, a mini flat head screwdriver, and stylus in a gift box.

Size: 6.125" length

Keeping track of what day it is, has never been more fun. This 50-Year Calendar is an early, simple pocket calendar from an era akin to perpetual. Its origin goes back some 500 years; calculate the day of the week for any given future date within 50 years. To use, rotate the dial until the selected year lines up with the selected month. Locate the particular date and find the day of the week above it. The 50-Year Calendar by Authentic Models is crafted with a distinctive design, premium quality, and individual craftsmanship.

Size: 4 ½" H

Each card is letterpress printed with polymer plates on recycled paper and is packaged in a biodegradable clear sleeve.

Size: 2.5” H x 3.5” W