Modern Mezcal Cocktails Letterpress Print

Mezcal is ... More! Mezcal is one of those spirts one tends to sip neat, savoring the particular flavors of agave species, place and maker. But it is a fantastic cocktail ingredient, and bartenders all over the world are waking up to its many possibilities, substituting mezcal in old favorites for new flavors (smoky and savory and vegetal and tropical – oh my!), and inventing new concoctions that are sure to pique your palate. Modern Mezcal Cocktails is a frameable* 11 x 14 inch (28 x 36 cm) guide to creating nine modern mezcal cocktails, distilled into a simple, attractive print that's perfect for hanging in your home bar, cantina or mezcaleria! It's décor for the discriminating drinker and suits nearly any style. It makes a perfect pairing with my mezcal-tasting notebook, 33 Mezcals.