Our Story

Our Story

Letterpress PLAY was founded by Kyle Hawley with the goal of sharing the magic of printing with the world paired with encouraging others to think about fostering sustainable choices and community. 

Artistically led by Kyle, we beautifully craft products in our design studio in Austin as well as carefully curate quality goods from local artisans and unique makers from around the world. We believe everyone, big or small, should experience the joy of creating something with their hands, and it is our mission to foster community and play for everyone.

Our Process

Using wooden type and letterpress machines, we let our imaginations run wild as we handcraft one-of-a-kind products. And, we do it all with mother earth in mind—biodegradable packaging, recyclable paper, natural dyes, organic cotton, and no-waste toys.


Our Presses

Our experimentation and play mentality is rooted in letterpress, a vintage art form that allows us to create high-quality products with precision and intricate detail in hopes to cultivate moments of happiness and inspiration. As a tribute to pioneering women in print, we named all eight of our beloved letterpress machines after famous female printers who made a lasting mark on our world.  

Our Bungalow

Located in the heart of Texas, our Austin-based storefront will delight and surprise you. Designed with beauty and functionality in mind, this creative space is a place to learn, explore and become inspired.  Our bungalow is the heart of Letterpress PLAY and brings the community together for workshops, open houses, and First Thursday celebrations. We hope you stop by the studio to see the presses in action or take part in a workshop and get hands-on experience printing.  


“Play is for everybody, and hopefully, we play our whole lives.”