Easy Crafts for Spring

Easy Crafts for Spring

Easy Crafts for Spring

We're welcoming spring with open arms! Flowers are set to bloom and songbirds are chirping. To prepare for the season, we're organizing, clearing away the clutter, and finding moments to create and craft. 

Great for kids and adults alike, our mess-free, vintage-inspired paper toys are easy and so much fun to put together. These DIY spring-themed crafts only require a pair of scissors, your imagination, and your hands. Best of all, each of our paper toys are sustainable, eco-friendly, and handmade with care from recycled materials.

Spring Chicken Thaumaframe

Welcome springtime with the cutest spring chicken. Using a pair of scissors and the included string, create a photo frame and Thaumatrope that animates a celebratory spring chicken. 

Spring Chicken Thaumaframe and Photo Frame

Spring Chicken Assembled Thaumaframe and Photo Frame

Birthday Butterfly Garlagreet

Spring birthdays are on the horizon, and we've got the perfect craft to celebrate. Simply follow the instructions printed on the paper toy using scissors, the included string, and your hands. This festive, vibrant butterfly garland comes together spelling "Happy Birthday".

Spring Birthday Butterfly Garland 

Spring Birthday Butterfly Garland

Spring Flower Garlagreet

Share a sweet springtime message with this handmade garland featuring a vibrant spring flower design! Simply follow the printed instructions to create a one-of-a-kind garland spelling "Happy Spring", hang up, and enjoy.

Spring Garlagreet Paper Toy and Garland Craft


Wildflower Wish Bloom

What says spring better than a freshly pressed vase of paper flowers? Follow the instructions on the paper to create a vase and four pretty paper flowers. When your craft is complete, jot your springtime wishes down on one of the blooms and enjoy as a desk accessory, thoughtful gift, or decoration.

Wildflower Wish Bloom Paper Toy Craft

Wildflower Wish Bloom Flowers


Spring Flower Polywish

Pass along sweet springtime wishes with our Polywish paper toy! Use scissors to create four individual paper blocks, each featuring unique, spring-themed messages on each side.

Spring Flower Polywish Paper Craft

Spring Flower Polywish Assembled Flower Craft

For video instructions on assembling the paper toys, visit our YouTube channel.

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