5 Handmade Prints to Brighten Up Any Wall

5 Handmade Prints to Brighten Up Any Wall

5 Handmade Prints to Brighten Up Any Wall

Walls are a part of the house we that some of us neglect. While places like the couch, bed, and kitchen table get love and adornments, walls sometimes go bare when they really could use a little TLC.  

At our shop in Austin, Texas, we sell a bevy of handcrafted prints from talented makers. Here are some of our faves.   

Taco Chart by Archie’s Press

We’re big fans of the quirky prints crafted by Archie’s Press. If you need a flow chart for wine, coffee, or beer, or a map of your favorite town, Archie’s Press probably has it. As a Texas-born company, one of our absolute favorite prints is the Taco Chart. This chart details some of the most popular tacos and their necessary ingredients. This makes a great gift for the taco lover in your life.  

Broadside for a Cause—Rainbow Beauty by Letterpress PLAY

We donate 10% of proceeds from the sales of broadsides to charities that are important to us (and 100% of proceeds from the sales of our posters). Our Rainbow Beauty broadside honors brave LGBTQIA youth and benefits OutYouth.org. Check out more of our Posters and Broadsides for a Cause here. 

Woodland Garden: Philip and the Hive Print by Polanshek of the Hills  

If you enjoy fairytales too, then you’ll love the whimsical artwork of Polanshek of the Hills. Jess Polanshek crafts adorable illustrations of woodland creatures and their charming homes. This print is a reproduction of the artist’s original work and is signed.  

Orange Kitty Mermaid by Pergamo Paper Goods

Who doesn’t love cats? Even better yet—who doesn’t love cats that are also half-mermaid? This cute-as-a-button orange kitty-maid is a reproduction of a mixed media piece by Gianna Pergamo of Pergamo Paper Goods in St. Petersburg, Florida. Won’t she look wonderful on your wall?  


The Wolf Oracle Print by Marika Paz Illustration  

Marika Paz is a self-taught artist and illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. Her work is inspired by folk stories, mysticism, magic, and wonder. In addition to prints, Marika also turns her gorgeous illustrations into stickers, which we also sell in our shop.

Happy Decorating! 
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