Dear Beni

Designing and creating is in my DNA.  As I observe my younger son inventing with lego blocks or crafting with found objects, I smile because I know where he gets those urges.

Our story begins with late nights.  After solving problems in the office, hustling with household chores, and reading bedtime stories, I would escape to create.  When pursuing a creative goal, it tends to consume me.  This was motivation to stay up as long as I could bare.  And the next day?  Repeat.

I even adopted Steve Jobs's philosophy on clothing - wear a uniform to preserve your mental capacity for what really matters.  This may sound insane, but we only have so much brain power in a given day, and small decisions take more brain power than you think.  People at work began to notice, but I didn't care.  My black sweater and jeans outfit was liberating and empowering.

On weekends, my husband planned special "dad and me" outings for the kids so I could push my creative work forward, in daylight for a change.  He organized a few getaways, too.

This is how Dear Beni came to be.  Countless twilight hours, a redesign of daily habits, and unwavering support from a loving spouse.

Why stationery? you might ask.  My vision for Dear Beni stretches beyond stationery, but supporting the art of writing is my firm starting point.  When you take a moment to pen your thoughts, the emerging words are different compared to a verbal exchange.  They become more precious, more memorable.  To me, this is a gift worth giving...a priceless gift that can leave a powerful impression.  Your sincere feelings of affection, gratitude, compassion...what is a better gift than that?

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