Quick Brown Fox Letterpress

Hello! I’m Kate Murray; the owner, printer, designer and sole employee of Quick Brown Fox Letterpress, based in Saugerties, New York.

To pay my dues before starting this business, I worked in two amazing letterpress studios for more than 10 years here in NYC. When the opportunity came up to salvage and restore two presses, both in pretty bad shape, Quick Brown Fox Letterpress was born. Most of the cards that you see on this site are printed on the press that was in the worst shape, Goldie the Golding Jobber.

Years and years later, I am constantly adding to my line of quirky, pun-filled letterpress greeting cards. Each card is painstakingly printed one at a time, one color at a time, with immaculate registration on a late 19th Century and an early 20th century letterpress. Some people may say, "11 colors for one card?! That's a lot of colors!" I always say, "there's no such thing as too many colors."
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