PaperSkater Galaxy Fountain Pen

$56.00 CAD

The PaperSkater Galaxy is out of this world! Set aside your preconceived notions of what a pen should be. The Galaxy has a beautiful brushed aluminum body on the outside. On the inside, removing the cap reveals a fine point fountain pen nib; always a pleasure to write with, gliding across any paper with ease. When you unscrew the bottom of the PaperSkater Galaxy to replace the refill, you realize it's not a refill after all. There's actually a whole pen inside a pen in pen concept! The inside pen is the popular ITOYA BLADE Ready-to-Write Fountain Pen. When you run out of ink, simply get a new ITOYA BLADE and you're back in business. We've also designed the PaperSkater Galaxy with an added feature you can replace the ITOYA BLADE with your favorite color Pilot Varsity fountain pen! Simply use the small adapter that comes with the pen and you now have a stylish aluminum cover for the Varsity pen as well!

The PaperSkater Galaxy comes in a nice pen box, complete with ITOYA BLADE Ready-to-Write Fountain Pen.