Women in Art Ruler

$3.00 CAD
12" Wooden Ruler made in U.S.A. of American-grown basswood. This ruler celebrates the contribution made by women to Art. Painters are represented more than other artists, but the ruler also celebrates illustrators, sculptors, a potter, a photographer and an installation artist. The dates listed on this ruler are the years of each artist’s birth and death, if known. We also list their nationality and the realm of art that they practiced. There is an African-American on our list, the sculptor Edmonia Lewis (1845-1909?), and also a Native American, the potter María Montoya Martínez (1881-1980). The “head” image is of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), a painter who was inspired by the popular culture of her native Mexico. Our illustration is based on the many self-portraits that she painted during her career.