Archie's Press

Baseball Letterpress Chart


Baseball: The Great American Pastime. As the artist started making this chart, he realized that the intuitive-seeming rules of this game are actually not very intuitive at all. There are tons of little technicalities that make this a very nuanced and well-balanced sport. He has included pitch types, positions, teams, and the myriad of statistics used to evaluate players.

11" x 17" Letterpress Print

Archie Archambault is a designer and printer living in New York. While he was living in Portland, he got lost a lot. The best way to get un-lost is draw a map, and when he drew a circular map of Portland, Archie's Press was born. The idea unfolded into many other maps of different subjects, showing their structures in simple and intuitive ways. Everything is letterpress printed with a deep tactile impression.