Classic Espresso Drinks Letterpress Print

Coffee is magic. On its own, it tastes great and lifts your mood. Espresso is coffee ... concentrated. It's ground finely, and its flavor and function are extracted a little pressure and a little hot water. Add an ingredient or two or three, and you have a potent potion that can make Monday feel like Friday. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at making espresso drinks, I've gathered nine of the most iconic espresso drinks in one frameable, two-color 11 x 14 inch print (28 x 36 cm), perfect for hanging in your coffee bar or kitchen. With it on your wall, you'll your new favorite recipe close at hand — even at your Sunday sleepiest. It makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life, and pairs perfectly with that lovely new espresso machine from Aunt Ethel. This open-edition print was printed by hand, with love, on a 1909 Chandler & Price letterpress using soy-based inks.