Igloo Letterpress

DIY Floral Mandala Globe


Letterpress Printed - Women Owned - Handmade 

Color your world with this DIY globe! Use the 8 letterpress printed panels to color and create your own globe and mandala. Package includes panels, a hook, string, and instructions. Additional material required: coloring materials, a paper clip and a form of adhesive.

Igloo is a magnet for creatives, creators, and crafters. They have collected roomfuls of precious equipment built to bring ideas to life and put hands to work, and that is their goal for each person who walks through their doors. They spark creativity with machines, type, and illustrations that are steeped in history, and welcome all to come and be inspired in their printing and bookbinding studio, classroom, and retail shop.

As a modern letterpress printer, they thrive on pushing the envelope and experimenting with the best of digital and analog techniques in their custom printing projects. They love the process of printing and bookbinding, and promise to bring you along in creating work of the highest quality. They are playful and precise, and they aim to make the journey from your computer to a touchable product instructional, compelling, and fun.