Herbin Glass Dip Pen

$24.00 USD

Since 1670, Herbin Ink has crossed the oceans. Glass pens were very trendy in the 17th century Venice. Today Herbin puts them on your desk as ornaments and writing instruments. Thanks to the small grooves on the nib, several lines can be written without dipping. Every glass pen is hand-crafted and unique. 

Herbin's elegant, hand-blown glass dip pens feature a spiral tip that acts as an ink reservoir. The spiral tip acts as an ink reservoir. All have a comfortable, easy to grip, ergonomic handle and come in a presentation gift box with the Jacques Herbin label.

  • Swirl Glass Pens are 6.25" long

Pairs perfect with Herbin Fine Calligraphy Ink - Black, Blue, Red, or Green.