Pet Poems Plus: How to write poems about pets (also not just pets) (Paperback)


Grades 2-6. Perfect for classroom use or self-study.

With easy fill-in-the-blank templates, this step-by-step guide walks kids through various types of poems and poetic devices. Covers metaphor, imagery, alliteration, rhyme, and several other common poetry techniques. Readers will learn multiple ways to start and continue poems, along with eight different ending techniques. They'll also learn to perform a poem, draw a poem, and turn a poem into a play.

Based on Petrie's decades of experience teaching poetry classes and workshops across the country, and writing over 20,000 poems as part of Typewriter Rodeo.

Also includes craft activities: Readers will forge a Poetry Sword, find their Poet's Heart, create an Artist Monocle, and build a Poetry Spaceship.