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Washable Paper Hat - Bamboo



Block harmful rays while looking ever so chic in our hand-printed Washable Paper Hat. Featuring pretty Bamboo print and playful lettering, this handmade sun hat is sustainable style at its best. Bamboo symbolizes strength and resilience—and this lightweight, durable hat is exactly that. Fold it, roll it, pack it and wear it, then toss it in the wash and repeat. Made from our favorite washable paper, this hat is 100% sustainable and recyclable (but we hope you'll wear it forever).


Size: S = 21.5" to 22" M = 22.5" to 23" L = 23.5" to 24"
Color: Brown, teal, indigo
Materials: Washable paper/vegan leather
Waterproof and 100% biodegradable
Made in Austin
Makes a great gift for earth-lovers of all ages.
Machine wash. To smooth paper, mist with water or wipe with a wet cloth.
This product is handmade with 100% eco-friendly, plant-based materials.