Huckleberry Letterpress

You Are My Sunshine - Pencil Pack of 5


Women Owned - Handmade 
  • Pack of 5
  • Neon Yellow No. 2 pencils
  • Silver Foil
  • Made in the USA
  • Packaged in a sealed cellophane sleeve
  • Comes with a hang tag and a letterpress label


Huckleberry Letterpress Co. is located in Little Falls, a small city in Upstate New York. Huckleberry focuses on creating well-crafted, letterpress printed stationery, greeting cards, foil-stamped pencils and printed goods.

Husband and wife team, Emily and Justin Reynolds first fell in love with letterpress while printing their wedding invitations at The Arm NYC in Brooklyn, NY. From their very first crank of a Vandercook letterpress, they were hooked.

Huckleberry strives to create beautiful, funny and sarcastic products, which are designed to speak to a diverse audience. We have cards for your sweet grandmother, or your best friend that swears like a sailor.